1. Checking For Bed Bugs Before Buying Used Furniture

    Buying used furniture is a great alternative to having to spend hundreds of dollars on new pieces to add to your home. While it can definitely feel like you’re dodging a bullet when you do this, there are times these discount pieces of furniture can come with more than you bargained for. While the unwanted stains and lost socks are definitely less than pleasant, we’re talking about bed bugs! I…Read More

  2. Preparing for Home To Avoid Winter Pests

    The cold temperatures of fall and winter drive bugs to stay warm inside of our homes. While we can’t disagree that Las Vegas winters are far from brutal, the drop in temperature still drives common pests to find a place where they are better prepared to deal with the change. Rather than open our doors to these little guys, we strongly suggest finding ways that you can prepare to keep these pests…Read More

  3. How Can Bed Bugs Be Killed?

    There are a few different solutions to your bed bug problems. Luckily, the bed bug pest control team in Las Vegas has the solutions you need, regardless of your situation. Whether you’ve noticed bed bugs crawling in the dark of night, or you have never seen a bed bug, our team has the equipment, professionalism and experience to kill every last bed bug hiding in your Las Vegas home. Ways We Expe…Read More

  4. Bed Bugs and Disease

    Have you ever had to deal with bed bugs? If so, you may already know they are pretty gross creatures. Even though they only measure 4 to 5 mm in size on average, many folks seem to think they can spread illnesses and disease with just a bite. If this is a concern to you and your family, it’s important to know our pest control team in Las Vegas is here to stop your fears once and for all. With ou…Read More

  5. Get To Know Bed Bugs

    It’s important you fully understand what a bed bug is. Many times, bed bugs are often mistaken for cockroaches or ticks, but the fact of the matter is, they’re definitely not! It’s important to understand bed bugs may seem like fast travelers, but they don’t fly. Additionally, they do most of their traveling while you’re asleep at night. This tends to make finding a bed bug nearly imposs…Read More

  6. Get To Know All About Bed Bugs

    How much do you know about bed bugs? Did you know that bed bugs feed on the blood of humans? Yes, that’s a fact! Bed bugs, and even some other species such as birds and mammals, suffer by being a bed bugs’ first choice for food. In detail, these pests insert their sharp proboscis into the victim’s skin. Once a puncture is achieved, the bed bug engorges with blood for about 10 minutes at a ti…Read More