1. Preparing for Home To Avoid Winter Pests

    The cold temperatures of fall and winter drive bugs to stay warm inside of our homes. While we can’t disagree that Las Vegas winters are far from brutal, the drop in temperature still drives common pests to find a place where they are better prepared to deal with the change. Rather than open our doors to these little guys, we strongly suggest finding ways that you can prepare to keep these pests…Read More

  2. How To Treat Your Bed Bug Bite At Home

    Bed bugs are incredible creatures. Although they are nasty, they are creepy and they are crawly, bed bugs are unlike any other creepy-crawly-critter. If you’ve been following our previous blog posts, you are already aware of the fact that bed bugs have a numbing feature when they bite. Because of this, as the victim, you won’t be able to feel the bug bite you. Instead, you’ll only wake up in…Read More