1. Bed Bug Myths Vol. 3

    In our previous two blog series, Vol.1 and Vol.2 , we explored some common bed bug myths and debunked them. With bed bugs never being a pleasant addition to anyone’s bedroom, it’s good to know about how to identify bed bugs and understand the importance of implementing the correct strategy to eradicate them. In this blog post, we’re going to look at our third and final bed bug myth. Remember…Read More

  2. Why Pesticides Don’t Always Remove Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are common everywhere, not just the Las Vegas area. Though some of the hotels in sketchier parts of Las Vegas may make bed bugs seem like a popular part of the Valley, they indeed are not. Because bed bugs are so common, exterminators and homeowners think that one standard technique of bed bug removal can apply in all cases. That is definitely not true. Treatment varies on the geographic …Read More

  3. Common Pests Home to Las Vegas

    Scorpions Las Vegas is smack dab in the middle of the desert, and the desert is home to the venomous scorpion. If bitten, a scorpion can induce nausea, numbness, and difficulty breathing. Now you may ask, how could an insect so capable of surviving immense desert heat make into my home? Well, these scorpions can make their way into your home when there isn’t proper sealing around doors and windo…Read More

  4. Why Heat Treatments Are Successful in Bed Bug Removal

    It is becoming increasingly apparent that bed bugs are resistant to pesticides. The resistance is not just coming from misapplying pesticides to not kill the bed bugs, but also through the fact that many pesticides used to treat bed bugs don’t actually kill bed bug eggs. Further, not applying pesticides to nearby areas where bed bugs could have migrated can allow for the bed bugs to stay alive a…Read More

  5. Bed Bug Myths – Vol. 2

    In our previous bed bug myth busting series, we learned that bed bugs are actually visible and that there are a variety of visual clues that can indicate their presence in your bed. We’re going to explore another bed bug myth in this blog. Hidden City Pest Control offers a free inspection for potential clients. Instead of self-diagnosing or treating bed-bugs yourselves, it’s better to leave it…Read More

  6. Bed Bug Myths- Vol. 1

      Bed bugs are not joke. But, before you’re ready to have Hidden City Pest Control come over to terminate bed bugs, let’s ensure that there are actually bed bugs present in your home. There are a variety of myths out there about bed bugs, and we’re here to prove these  myths are false. This is Vol.1 of our bed bug myth busting series to help educate you on bed bugs. Let’s explore one of …Read More

  7. It Takes A Professional To Eliminate Bed Bugs

    It’s a hard fate to accept, but the fact of the matter is that bed bug removal is only possible when it’s professionals that are doing the job. We won’t deny that you’ll find tons of do-it-yourself techniques all over the internet, and while they may very well seem like ideas that could eliminate bed bugs in your home, chances are that they won’t actually do much more than take up a whol…Read More

  8. What To Do In The Chance There Are Bed Bugs

    In our last blog post, we talked about the importance of inspecting any used furniture that you’re considering purchasing for bed bugs, before you make your purchase. When you make a final purchase, it’s impossible to determine whether the bed bugs were picked up before the purchase, or if they were picked up from your home. In the case that you didn’t complete an inspection before you compl…Read More

  9. Checking For Bed Bugs Before Buying Used Furniture

    Buying used furniture is a great alternative to having to spend hundreds of dollars on new pieces to add to your home. While it can definitely feel like you’re dodging a bullet when you do this, there are times these discount pieces of furniture can come with more than you bargained for. While the unwanted stains and lost socks are definitely less than pleasant, we’re talking about bed bugs! I…Read More

  10. Checking for Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms

    As if getting bed bugs in your own home wasn’t bad enough, can you imagine finding out that you’ve gotten bed bugs from a hotel room that you paid to stay in? This situation is one that is not ideal, but has happened on more than one occasion. While reading reviews on hotels can provide you with some guess on whether or not there’s a chance of bed bugs being in your hotel, they can’t alway…Read More