Bed bugs are common everywhere, not just the Las Vegas area. Though some of the hotels in sketchier parts of Las Vegas may make bed bugs seem like a popular part of the Valley, they indeed are not.

Because bed bugs are so common, exterminators and homeowners think that one standard technique of bed bug removal can apply in all cases. That is definitely not true. Treatment varies on the geographic location of the bed bug infestation, as well as the severity of the infestation. These factors allow for exterminators to decide the best route for a treatment strategy.

Most of these treatments include the use of pesticides. Pesticides are a chemical substance, used to treat and kill an insect infestation. However, these pesticides not only don’t necessarily get the job done, they can be harmful to your home environment. If used incorrectly, applying pesticides can damage the furniture in your home. Further, the chemicals in the pesticides can linger and provide an unhealthy breathing environment in your home. For an infestation that is not just isolated to a single room, but is spread throughout your entire home, it can take a toll on your entire home. The pesticide application can also make the time span between treating bed bugs and getting back inside your home a lot longer than necessary.

When it comes to removing bed bugs, the job has to be done effectively and efficiently. You can’t miss a spot, or misapply pesticides to ensure proper removal of bed bugs. The job has to be done perfectly down to a science, which is why if you’re serious about fully removing bed bugs from your home, hiring an expert exterminator is of the utmost importance. If you missed a spot, forgot to properly seal a crack or crevice, or left clutter around the infected area, bed bugs can remain alive and well, in what you thought was a properly treated area. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you have properly recognized that nearby areas of the infestation can be a hiding spots for bed bugs as they migrate within your home, claiming the home as their own. There can also be failure in pesticide usage when the right dose isn’t used. This may not only keep the bed bugs alive, but allow for them to develop a resistance to the pesticide, making it harder to kill. A follow up appliance is also necessary to ensure that the infested area is properly taken care of and the bed bugs are dying. There needs to be a follow up treatment on a specific and appropriate time frame to kill eggs and the bed bugs that came from the eggs hatching. Many pesticides are not equipped to kill bed bug eggs, allowing for the infected area to continue to affect your home.

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly more resistant to pesticides. Though new formulas are being created to create a stronger, more lethal dose for bed bugs, the resilience of these insects can allow for them to not die after what was thought to have been a proper pesticide appliance. The most susceptible bed bugs to pesticides will be killed, leaving the more resilient bed bugs to stay alive. Not only are they staying alive, but they breed and migrate. When the eggs are hatched from the resilient bed bugs, they also become less susceptible to pesticide usage. This may lead you to continue to buy more and more pesticides, constantly re-applying, and becoming frustrated that these bed bugs just won’t go away.

Because of the gaining knowledge about bed bug resilience, Hidden City Pest Control has implemented a systematic strategy to ensure that bed bugs are removed effectively and efficiently to get your home back in your own hands. We have utilized heat treatments, with both propane and electricity. We utilize airflow in your entire home to make sure that not only is the infected area treated, but also areas nearby that could have been infested by migration. Heat treatments also make sure that eggs are killed too, not just the bed bugs themselves. This fills in the gaps that can be left by applying just pesticides. Furthermore, bed bugs can’t become resistant to very hot temperatures like they can with pesticides. Hot temperatures literally incinerate infected areas, making sure that no bed bug is left behind alive. Our professional services, and years of experience taught us that one standard method of bed bug removal is not a proper strategy to ensure that the infestation is completely removed. We also offer a free inspection, so you get the peace of mind knowing that we are very aware of each and every area of your home that is infected.

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