bedbugIt is becoming increasingly apparent that bed bugs are resistant to pesticides. The resistance is not just coming from misapplying pesticides to not kill the bed bugs, but also through the fact that many pesticides used to treat bed bugs don’t actually kill bed bug eggs. Further, not applying pesticides to nearby areas where bed bugs could have migrated can allow for the bed bugs to stay alive after pesticide usage, and continue to infest your home. A proper strategy needs to be implemented to ensure that bed bugs are completely removed from your home, and that’s where Hidden City Pest Control comes into play. We understand the evolving nature of bed bugs and their ability to become resistant to standard removal practices, and have adapted our strategy in order to do so. Our years of experience and dedication to ridding your home of these invasive insects are what makes us a quality bed bug removal company.

We utilize the usage of heat treatments for bed bug removals. The treatments can either be heat or propane, and are ensured to cover every corner of your home. We treat the infected area with temperatures of 120 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 to 6 hours. To ensure that each and every corner is addressed, air is moved with circulation power fans. This helps kill eggs that are resistant to many pesticides, as well as treat areas that bed bugs may have migrated to. The temperatures are high enough to kill adult bed bugs, nymphs (bed bugs going through the various stages of metamorphosis) as well as eggs. Our strategy is constantly adapting to these ever increasing resistant insects.
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