Buying used furniture is a great alternative to having to spend hundreds of dollars on new pieces to add to your home. While it can definitely feel like you’re dodging a bullet when you do this, there are times these discount pieces of furniture can come with more than you bargained for. While the unwanted stains and lost socks are definitely less than pleasant, we’re talking about bed bugs!

Inspecting for Bed Bugs Before Purchase

Chances are that wherever you’re buying this used furniture from, the seller isn’t going to advertise any bed bugs. While it is an entirely cold and cruel thing to sell someone furniture that will only infest their home and cost them much more in the long run, it has definitely happened. Before you complete your purchase, we suggest inspecting the furniture to ensure that it is bed bug free.

Here are a few tips to help you check for bed bugs before completing your purchase.

Use A Light To Inspect

In a well lit area, use a light (a small flashlight or the light on your phone) and inspect the seams of the furniture that you’re purchasing. Bed bugs love hiding in the seams of fabrics, because it protects them and provides them warmth, but you will be able to see if there are any bed bugs when you flash the light directly on them. It’s best to avoid any LED lights or any lights with yellow or orange hues.

Inspect The Cracks

Another favorite hiding place for bed bugs are in the cracks of furniture. Again, these places are perfect for keeping bugs hidden and warm enough to live. Inspect all of the cracks and crevices of the furniture that you’re purchasing and make sure to double check for any blood spots that would signify the bugs being squashed, or any live bodies or cast skins.

Make sure to continue to check back to the Hidden City Pest Control blog to learn more about the bed bug extermination process and how to avoid any bed bugs in your home. In the instance that you do get bed bugs, make sure to call your trusted bed bug exterminators.