bedbugs-blog-headerIn our previous two blog series, Vol.1 and Vol.2 , we explored some common bed bug myths and debunked them. With bed bugs never being a pleasant addition to anyone’s bedroom, it’s good to know about how to identify bed bugs and understand the importance of implementing the correct strategy to eradicate them.

In this blog post, we’re going to look at our third and final bed bug myth. Remember, Hidden City Pest Control is always ready to effectively and efficiently remove bed bugs from your home, as we offer top-tier bed bug removal strategies and offer a free inspection.

Myth #3 – Bed bugs transmit disease.

Though bed bugs are not pleasant nor healthy to have in your home, the common myth that bed bugs transmit disease is incorrect. There are no reports of transmitted diseases to humans from bed bugs. There is a risk for secondary skin infections from bed bugs. Because bed bugs bite humans and feed off our blood (no they’re not tiny vampires), a bite mark is left that leaves you with an irritated mark. This leads to persistent itching, and in return, a potential for a skin infection. Due to bed bugs providing a very annoying and skin irritating itch, the act of constant itching can provide you with a secondary skin infection. However, the bed bug itself does not transmit diseases. You can also have allergic reactions to bed bug bites, which can range from a minor allergic reaction to something far more serious. There is also the chance to potentially suffer from mental health impacts. According to the EPA, an infested home can not only be an annoyance with constant bed bug bites, but it can lead to immense anxiety, insomnia, and systemic reactions.

It is important to note that bed bug are a public health issue. The absence of disease transmission does not mean that it is healthy or OK to just live with bed bug infestation. The EPA and CDC both identify bed bugs as a pest that poses a significant public health importance.
Though bed bugs do not directly transmit diseases, it is still incredibly important to get rid of them and keep them out. Hidden City Pest Control’s successful removal strategies will be sure to keep bed bugs out. If you’re concerned about the potential of bed bugs in your home, contact us today for a free inspection and a successful bed bug removal service.