myths-2In our previous bed bug myth busting series, we learned that bed bugs are actually visible and that there are a variety of visual clues that can indicate their presence in your bed. We’re going to explore another bed bug myth in this blog.

Hidden City Pest Control offers a free inspection for potential clients. Instead of self-diagnosing or treating bed-bugs yourselves, it’s better to leave it to the professionals to ensure that the infestation is treated correctly and efficiently. If attempted to be treated on your own, you cannot only affect your home with harmful pesticides, but waste money on a pesticide that bed bugs can be resistant to. On that note, let’s explore another bed bug myth.

myths-vol-2Myth #2- Applying pesticides can quickly and easily remove bed bugs.

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. To control bed bugs, a treatment strategy must be implemented. The strategy is extremely successful because of the variety of techniques Hidden City incorporates into our bed bug treatments. A pesticide can be used during the removal strategy, but it alone can not fully remove and eliminate bed bugs. Bed bugs have also development resistance to certain types of pesticides depending upon the geographic location of your home. Also, the orthodox practice of using lethal doses of pesticides to kill bed bugs are being proven to not work as bed bugs are becoming more resistance to older methods of removal. Because of this, it is imperative that you go to a qualified pest management professional, like Hidden City, to properly remove bed bugs. If removal is attempted on your own, a proper strategy may not be implemented, and could not only be costly, but could be damaging to your home. We have developed a new way of bed bug removal that revolves around heat treatments, known to exterminate bed bugs thoroughly and effectively. We have both electric and propane heat treatments available. For bed bugs to die, they need to be contained anywhere between 120 – 145 degrees Fahrenheit for a time duration of three to six hours. To ensure our efficiency of every corner of your home, the air is moved with circulation power fans within the structure to make sure that there are no cool (weak) spots within your home. Our strategy is adapting to the increasing knowledge of bed bug resistance. We are dedicated to not only resolving your bed bug issue, but committed to green and organic techniques.

Now that we’ve learned how to properly identify a bed bug, and understand that applying just pesticides is not a quick and efficient way to remove bed bugs, we’ve debunked two myths. These myths can deter your ability to resolve a bed bug infestation quickly and efficiently, and can lead to you spending more money on pest removal. Now you know, if there are bed bugs, Hidden City Pest Control is well-equipped with a termination strategy to ensure your house is bed bug free. To learn more about our services or to get in contact with us, click here.