Bed bugs are not joke. But, before you’re ready to have Hidden City Pest Control come over to terminate bed bugs, let’s ensure that there are actually bed bugs present in your home.

There are a variety of myths out there about bed bugs, and we’re here to prove these  myths are false. This is Vol.1 of our bed bug myth busting series to help educate you on bed bugs. Let’s explore one of the most popular myths of bed bugs.

blog-pic-1Myth #1- You are not able to see a bed bug.

This myth couldn’t be more wrong. Bed bugs, especially adult bed bugs, are fairly easy to see. Nymphs, the different series of metamorphosis a bed bug goes through, as well as bed bug eggs, are typically able to be seen with your naked eye. The best way to look for bed bugs is to very carefully look and examine the areas around your fitted sheets, mattress, and box spring. If bed bugs are present, you can usually see adult bed bugs or eggs. There are also a few other visual clues to look for when investigating for bed bugs. In areas where bed bugs live, there are usually traces of fecal stains present in the area in which they are living. The fecal stains will look like little black dots over certain areas of your bed. Another visual clue to look for is a rusty-reddish color. This is a result of bed bugs being crushed.

Myth #1 has officially been deemed incorrect. Though it may be difficult to actually see a bed bug egg, nymphs and adult bed bugs should be fairly easy for you to see without busting out your magnifying glass. In the event of unfortunately finding a bed bug in your home, contact Hidden Pest City Control so our experts can rid the bugs from your home safely and efficiently.